What is the best tool for SEO?

SEO – refers to a conjunction of optimization techniques and strategies that are carried out on a web page. There are thousands of services and tools, some of which are free and others you must pay for. Here we show you some of them:

1. Google Analytics helps you perform analysis and observe the performance of the web, and obtain information from technical analysis as well as advertising, content, and social networks.

Leaning on pages as Google Search Console offers you the removal of negative links from your website, removal of URLs, search analysis reports, web searches, and error tracking.

2. The keywords help us to better position the web page, the search algorithms see the content of a page of interest to the users; There are pages like Google Keyword Planner where you can find suggestions, as well as information on the frequency with which they are searched.

3. Google Trends detects the search trend at an international and national level; helps you see the most active searches depending on the trending lists. Increasing the loading speed improves the user experience, and this will help you to have a better web positioning.

4. Google Mobile-Friendly Test: Currently people access the internet from their mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc; This tool allows you to maintain a good experience for your users from any device.

5. Ahrefs gives you the tools to analyze your website and that of your competitors seeking to capture the greatest possible traffic, it contains a dashboard and a way to organize data more clearly; With this, you can carry out an audit to optimize your site, correct broken links and investigate other profiles, right here you can analyze viral content from social networks.

6. Semrush is a very complete tool since it not only takes care of your SEO, but it also takes care of some aspects such as social networks and content strategies. Supports you by searching for viral content on social media, links, and SEO audits.

7. Google Business Review Link Generator tool: It is important to have a space for comments about experiences with your company, this tool will help you, in the same way, it will help your clients to find you easily, create personalized links for your clients and write opinions directly on your Google profile.

8. Microsoft ISS SEO Toolkit: there is an extension that allows you to carry out robots.txt file management, detailed analysis of your page, and sitemap files to control the interaction of search engines with the content of your page and index management.

Potential customers? Next, we will show you one of the most useful free tools:
9. Google My Business, narrows the distance between you and your users, creating a dialogue that attracts the attention of search engine algorithms; You can also add all the information about your company to your profile and it may be attractive to new customers.

10. CopyScape – free and old tool, this will help you control possible cases of plagiarism, know if they are linked to your website, as well as know who shares your content, this is one of the most effective tools.

We hope this information can help you execute and design an SEO strategy, our team is always available to help you!


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