What are the best wordpress themes?

What is a WordPress template? It is a series of files that give a design and structure to your web page made with a WordPress content manager; There is a difference between WordPress CMS and WordPress.com.

Both are related to the creation of blogs or web pages but with differences that make the CMS the best option, instead, wordpress.com is a free platform to create blogs.

Let’s see what CMS (or content manager) means; is software that is used to create, manage and archive a website easily. The content management system is done internally with a MySQL database for which it is not necessary to have prior knowledge. We can manage our websites without any kind of code or programming.

Some template or theme download and purchase pages have a demo page where you will find examples of these templates to see how they will look. Once installed you will only have to make some changes such as the content, the colors, and the menu; Although we are ultimately looking for a unique website, we would not want a website that looks the same as a demo template.
For this, you use the options that the best WordPress templates give you or web layouts plugins such as Thrive Architect or Elementor (The advantage of this theme is its fast loading and that it is editable by drag & drop with Elementor Page Builder, this theme can be used for blogs and small web pages). For web designers, it is unnecessary to know any programming code.

After choosing the WordPress template that best suits your website, you will only have to install it in your WordPress. We can install a previously downloaded theme or template in a compressed file or install it from the official WordPress repository. Do not forget to delete WordPress themes that are not in use to take up less space on your hosting.

The most important thing for your website is the best choice of WordPress template since this will be the base of your web page or blog so its quality is important. There are good free templates, however, a premium WordPress template will give you quality from the moment it is activated. Do not get carried away by colors, effects, or images, since you must look at other data that will make your choice the best and make a difference. There are some patterns to avoid mistakes when choosing your template or theme; as well as, adequate loading time, good loading speed, a good valuation in the market, updated regularly, easy to customize, compatibility with any plugin, optimal for SEO, responsive (that is, it looks good on mobile devices).

Now that we have context about WordPress, let’s move on to the best themes for this.

ASTRA: It is appropriate for online stores, web pages, and blogs; It is fast loading, compatible with Woocommerce and in turn helps SEO. (Gratuitous)

STOREFRONT: This is specially developed for Woocommerce, on the other hand, it can also be combined with Add-ons and templates for the subpages of the store since this theme is appropriate for online stores. (Gratuitous)

GENERATEPRESS: Appropriate for blogs, web pages, and online stores due to its compatibility with various editors as well as fast loading and having a premium version. (Gratuitous)

EIMEAR: Appropriate for online stores due to its versatile image design, accessibility, and its compatibility with Woocommerce, it has a cost, and payment is only made once.

DIVI: Its advantages are page templates, marketing functions, compatibility with Woocommerce and the drag & drop editor; used for web pages and online stores, and has an annual cost.

ECO CODED: For web pages and blogs due to its fast loading, saving resources, flexible design, and help with SEO; with an annual cost.

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